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Are We Creative Yet?
Second Edition


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Preface to the Second Edition
"To promote a more creative society"

Much has changed in the fifteen years since the DuPont Company's former Oz Creative Thinking Network published 20,000 copies of Are We Creative Yet? Nevertheless the work's timeless wisdom communicated humorously through 60 essays paired with 105 of Bob Thaves' Frank and Ernest cartoons, remains as useful today as it did then.

Created to communicate the basic concepts of creativity and innovation, Are We Creative Yet? was the result of hundreds of DuPont employees contributing brief essays that pair their personal experiences with Thaves’ cartoons. In so doing, Oz Network achieved its founding purpose of building on the DuPont tradition of creativity and innovation.

The American Creativity Association is a nonprofit organization that shares a similar vision: to promote a more creative society. In republishing this work, the ACA seeks to share its fundamental wisdom with thousands of people who share our concern for promoting and applying creativity in our daily lives and in all of our society's institutions.

We are grateful to the DuPont Company and cartoonist Bob Thaves for permitting us to republish and further disseminate Are We Creative Yet?

David Tanner
Past Director, DuPont Center for Creativity & Innovation
Past President, American Creativity Association

& Barry Silverberg
Executive Director, American Creativity Association (www.amcreativityassoc.org)
Director, Center for Community-Based & Nonprofit Organizations
at Austin Community College

Why This Book?

The purpose of this book is to introduce or to reinforce those aspects of creativity which the authors believe are important to enhancing the creation and implementation of useful ideas. Though these aspects are expressed from the perspective of DuPont personnel primarily for other DuPont personnel, we hope (and believe) that much of what you see and read is applicable to fostering and enhancing creativity in other work environments and in personal situations as well.

We could have elected to present our message with words alone, but we wanted to engage the artistic (right) as well as the analytical (left) side of your brain by using drawings—and we wanted you to have some fun! We don’t think we could have found a better source of visual material than the genius of Bob Thaves as expressed through his creations “Frank” and his friend “Ernest.” ...

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