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A woman and a young girl challenge the devil ...

Barbara Hoskin


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Good vs. Evil

"I tried to warn Bee about the nasty little boy. I knew damn well who he was--my evil father, Satan, come in the guise of a child.

So begins the novel Eblis ... The Devil becomes obsessed with Aunt Viney when her goodness results in problems that he can't, or won't, ignore. He's determined to see her soul in Hell. When this fails, he sends his demons after young Bee, Aunt Viney's niece ... also destined to be a thorn in his side. The demon's scare tactics inadvertently alert Bee to the cause of the family's bickering, religious intolerance, a theme appropriate to today's world. Aunt Viney might be able to help resolve these issues, but Bee ultimately must face the Devil alone. And his son, Eblis.

Eblis Cover


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