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Venturing Beyond Earth
The Need for Exo-Terra Sustainable Cultures

Brad Fregger


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Brad has been concerned about the need for humanity to become a space-faring race for over 50 years. With the ultimate potential of an extinction-level event (ELE), it seems ludicrious to keep "all of our eggs in one basket." In this book Brad discusses the numerous reasons for the development of space colonies and the fact that intelligent just might be very rare in the universe. If this is true, we have a moral obligation to protect humanity, a morale obligation to become a space-faring race.

Brad has written nine other books, LUCKY THAT WAY - Stories of Seizing the Moment While Creating the Games Millions Play, GET THINGS DONE - Ten Secrets of Creating and Leading Exceptional Teams, WHY DOES ANYBODY BELIEVE IN GOD! - An Essay on Creation, ONE SHOVEL FULL - Telling Stories to Change Beliefs, Attitudes, and Perceptions, WHY PUBLISH? - Making the Right Choices for Your Book, MY THINKING CAP - Solutions for Global Crisis, FINDING YOUR WORK - A Maverick's Strategy for Job Search and Career Change, GET OUT OF THE WAY! - You'll never manage your way to great leadership, and GET THINGS DONE, SECOND EDITION, Twelve Secrets of Creating and Leading Exceptional Teams.

In addition, he has two additional books under development: A SURPRISING LIFE - Stories from My Journey, and SOCIETY'S IMAGE OF THE FUTURE AND SOCIOECONOMIC HEALTH, Poverty or Prosperity, Our Choice

Venturing Beyond Earth will be available for purchase,
Spring 2019

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