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Society's Image of the Future and Socioeconomic Health
We Create Our Reality


Brad Fregger


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In 1980 Brad recieved his Master's in Futuristics (Societal Futures) from San Jose State University. He had been interested in the impact visions of the future had on individuals and societies for a long time. This interest was spiked when he read Future Shock by Alvin Toffler. Further study by some of the real brains behind how visions of the future changed societies, especially, Fred L. Polak, convinced him that powerful visions of the future have a dramatic effect on a society, especially the society's socioeconomic health.

What was interesting, however, all of the major researchers considered the impact of those images on the society's future, but none considered the potential impact on the current socioeconomica health of the society. Since the powerful, positive, images of the future had an almost immediate impact on the society, it made sense to Brad that they would also have an impact on the society's socioeconomic health. This hypothesis was the focus on his Master's thesis.

This book, essentially Brad's master's thesis, is extremely relevent for today's society which is bombarded by many powerful images from the news, entertainment, and social media, as well as the images presented by powerful and influential politicians and other individuals. It's time they all took some responsibility for the impact that they have on our society's socioeconomic health..

Brad has written nine other books, LUCKY THAT WAY - Stories of Seizing the Moment While Creating the Games Millions Play, GET THINGS DONE - Ten Secrets of Creating and Leading Exceptional Teams, WHY DOES ANYBODY BELIEVE IN GOD! - An Essay on Creation, ONE SHOVEL FULL - Telling Stories to Change Beliefs, Attitudes, and Perceptions, WHY PUBLISH? - Making the Right Choices for Your Book, MY THINKING CAP - Solutions for Global Crisis, FINDING YOUR WORK - A Maverick's Strategy for Job Search and Career Change, GET OUT OF THE WAY! - You'll never manage your way to great leadership, and GET THINGS DONE, SECOND EDITION, Twelve Secrets of Creating and Leading Exceptional Teams.

In addition, he has two additional books under development: A SURPRISING LIFE - Stories from My Journey and VENTURING BEYOND EARTH - The Need for Exo-Terra Sustainable Cultures.


A Master's Thesis will be available for purchase
Summer 2019


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