Brad's Videos

  The Great Bird Feeder Caper

This is my first video with my Cannon FS 20, outside of a audio problem ... it's not too bad. I edited the program with AVS Video Editor 4.1 ... I still have a lot to learn.

The bird feeder was approximately 30 feet from the glass door leading to our kitchen/dining area. I sat inside with the door closed. The branches were even further ... I was impressed the quality of images I was able to get.

And yes, that is my camera ... well, a picture of the model camera I purchased.


  Get Out of the Way Intro - Beta

This is the beta of the Introduction YouTube Video to a series of story and message videos focusing on living a successful life and having a successful career ... reaching your potential as a human being. This is beta has some production problems, especially in sound consistency. However, it's not too bad when the "star" was also the writer, director, camera man, teleprompter operator, editor, and publisher.

This version will not be uploaded to YouTube.

Brad Fregger
Groundbreaking Press