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DETOUR AHEAD! Wit and Wisdom in Life's Crises
Second Edition

Lynda G. Cleveland, PhD.



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This book by Lynda Cleveland is her story of the automobile accident in which she suffered major brain damage. It is a story of struggle, faith, and celebration.

From the Preface to the Second Edition:

Twenty-two years and two months ago today, my life changed forever.—

On that fateful day, I was a front-seat passenger in a Mercedes hit head on by an out-of-control semi-trailer. Days later as the sleep fog lifted, I awoke to find myself lying in a hospital bed. I was broken both physically and spiritually. There I was, 8,687 miles from home; in a foreign environment; and in excruciating pain from head to toe. I clearly remember thinking as I hosted my daily pity party, “If I survive this ordeal, I’ll remember it every second of every day for the rest of my life.” At the time of the accident, I had been feeling on top of the world … even though I had been living at the bottom of the world in Australia!

In the millions of seconds since the accident, I have reflected upon those days of recovery that stretched into months and years. That was 673,142,400 seconds ago and I have not, in fact, remembered those events every second of every day. However, every second of my life has been changed by those events.

If I could see beyond today as God can see;
if I could know beyond today as God can know

“If only,” then I could have avoided the years of hurt and pain—or at least been more prepared to endure them knowing bright, sunny days were ahead.

Yet I have learned that if I could see beyond today or if I could know what lay ahead, I would not ever grow. It is my need to cling to God that allows me to grow. Knowing that whatever He bestows upon me, He will give me the strength, the grace, the wisdom, the energy, whatever I need to get through it … He will provide.

How does the light of day turn to darkness of night and back again to a fresh new day?

How does anything good come from something that seems so bad?

How can one be in the valley of the shadow of death, yet rise to mountaintop experiences?

The hows and whys of life are questions we could write about until the inkwell goes dry. But, I do not need to see, I do not need to know what lies ahead. I do not need to worry about tomorrow, for God is already there. I have learned that life is built one second at a time, one precious second upon another precious second. This second edition of Detour Ahead is the story of my early “education” in the seconds of life. Fortunately I’m still counting at 673,142,400 seconds; 673,142,401 seconds; 673,142,402 seconds… .

I have been given this second chance

Lynda G. Cleveland, PhD
Detour Ahead Foundation
January 2007

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