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Story of Love and Lust and What Comes
from Each

Doug Robinson


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The Second World War, Ethiopian riches, and desertion start Expatriate off with a bang, and this is just the beginning. Part 1 sets the stage for a betrayal that will shake the foundations of one of the most powerful "families" in Brazil. Part 2 deals with the results of that betrayal, the impact that it has on the lives of those we become to know so well. Guilherme and Francisco, deserters from Mussolini's Army, who have taken on new identities as friends from Portugal; David, an expatriate from the United States who falls in love with the beautiful Regina; Eduardo, Guilherme's son-in-law, jealous of David's relationship with his father-in-law and his father-in-law's faith and trust in David's abilities and sense of integrity.

Doug Robinson's characters come alive, their struggle becomes yours. Expatriate has it all ... you will not want to miss this one.


"Papa, don't you think he has the prettiest blue eyes?" Regina asked.

"I can't say that I noticed but he did seem to be nice. I understand your explanation about his use of "ciao". It did not offend me but your Mother was shocked. I think it's nice that you young people are able to forget the war and move on. I have always thought ciao was such a useful and pretty word."

"Have you used it?" Regina was incredulous.

"Years ago I heard it in Lisboa, that's all," he lied.

"Papa, may I continue to see Dávilo in the evenings or in the Ténis Clube during the day as long as Rosa and Eduardo are my chaperons? Please. Please. Please."

"Regina, this is not a game. Dávilo is a man of the world. He could easily take advantage of you. I remember Guilherme ... Senhor Fourier ... years ago and I wonder that any woman, except your Mother, could resist his charms. You must be careful. He is only in Brazil for a few months and then he will be gone. What will you do then?"

"Papa, we don't do anything bad. You and Mama have taught me to save myself for marriage and I will. But Dávilo is special. I want to get to know him better. Besides, you know Frederico and Carlos will inherit the coffee farm and I need to examine all my options carefully."

Francisco knew she was right but he wouldn't admit it. "Well, I will talk to your Mother. We'll see. We will talk again tomorrow."

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