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Conflict to Cooperation
A Process for Mediating Group Differences

Garry McDaniel Ed.D.
in collaboration with Barry Silverberg.

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Unproductive conflict is a significant barrier to organizational improvement and an impediment to positive relationships between individuals on and off the job. Conflict to Cooperation: A Process for Mediating Group Differences provides executives, managers, employees, and family members with practical, easily applied skills for turning everyday conflicts into opportunities for cooperation. Written by Dr. Garry McDaniel, the book is based 25 years of experience in Fortune 500 companies, government, nonprofits, and public school systems. Practical examples, exercises, and templates are provided that help readers learn:
  • Hidden costs of unproductive conflict on personal and organizational productivity
  • How to identify principles for guiding positive behavior
  • A process for mediating conflict on the job conflict Practical methods for analyzing and resolving real conflicts
  • How to apply this system in families, community groups, and other settings

    Managers will appreciate the simple, easily applied method for coaching employees to resolve their own conflicts. This is a 'must-read' book for any work team, department, or organization where conflicts are causing moderate or high levels of stress, frustration, and wasted productivity on the job.

    The Leadership Model

    Comments From Readers:

    "Conflict to Cooperation provides readers with a sensible system for understanding how individuals and groups can work together to resolve conflict constructively."

    Richard Bettis, President, Texas Hospital Association

    "Finally, a practical process that provides managers with the tools they need to coach employees to resolve their own conflicts!"

    Betty Otter-Nickerson, CEO, Lance Armstrong Foundation

    "If Conflict is undermining your performance, and it probably is, this book will help. It provides ideas, tools, and guidelines for creating a system that turns conflict into opportunities to enhance performance."

    Dr. Michael Beyerlein, Director for the Center for the Study of Work Teams

    "Effective leaders solve problems, work to improve relationships with others, and face challenges courageously. This book provides employees, managers, and executives with powerful tools for significantly enhancing their ability to lead in today's demanding work environment!"

    Camille D. Miller, President/CEO, Texas Institute for Health Policy Research

    For more information please contact:

    Dr Garry McDaniel
    6234 Tetlin Field Drive
    New Albany, Ohio 43054
    phone - 614-657-8524
    email: mcdanieg@franklin.edu

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