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Justly Accused

Jerry Silverberg

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Jerry Silverberg's first novel is the story of a woman looking deep within herself. She faces adversity, walking an edge sharp as the men she sleeps with for money. Gloria adventures past the point of no return, hiding a secret that must eventually come to light. Her personality gets lost in space and time's twisted turns of fate. Fury reigns supreme, issuing thunder from big mouths and emotional lightning strikes that attempt to ruin her life. But faith’s sun shines through dark clouds.

Left on the doorstep of a convent to be raised by the Mother Superior, Gloria has since drifted into a world and life as different from her convent home as night is to day. Yet ... the convent remains a sanctuary and the only mother she has ever known remains ever faithful. Now, with a young son and a "red-bearded predator"  determined to take him from her, she is on the run for her life.  During her journey, she discovers that salvation is in learning the truth about herself and in doing what she must do to survive; and, to assure her son's future.

At different points in our lives we are all JUSTLY ACCUSED of something.

This is Gloria Richard's story.


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