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Magda Herzberger

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I am wide awake
So, all that happened to me
Wasn't real after all It was only a fake,
A strange dream, It would seem

But then I can hear
Elijah whispering in my ear,

Know you are in the right place,
Accept it with gratitude and grace!
Be happy, appreciate and enjoy your family.
You are now in the true house
Of your destiny!


To a great extent Dreamworld is related to my experiences in the Holocaust. The stories in my book are based on the night mares I had for many years after my return from the German concentration camps. As time went on my nightmares subsided.

But during the night of June 17, 1981 I had a strange dream with all kinds of characters, dialogues and action. In other words, it encompassed a whole story.

At some point in my dream the shadows of the Holocaust moved into my dream land in different forms, intertwining with the story of my dream, thus creating units of fiction and reality.

I put down my pen and went back to sleep, hoping that maybe I would meet the spirit of Robert Frost again in a dream so that I could share my poems with him. It didn't happen on that day, but I knew in my heart that we would meet again soon ... perhaps in my next dream.

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