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The Waltz of the Shadows
Second Edition

Magda Herzberger

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From the author's preface:

"After all these years, the shadows of the Holocaust are still haunting me. Often they invade my mind quite unexpectedly and dance around me 'the mad waltz of memory.' They are the representatives and reminders of the suffering and misery I endured as a captive 18-year- old girl in the concentration camps of Germany during World War II."

From Requiem:

O, Lord, please help me
To keep alive their memory --
They died in vain,
I witnessed their agony
And Pain,

I heard their cries,
O, Lord, our God
Open for them
The gates of Paradise --
Let their souls
Rest in peace --
Forgive mankind's atrocities --

The Waltz of the Shadows is an autobiography in the form of poetry and musical compositions. It relates, in verse, the experiences the author underwent as a young girl held captive in several German concentration camps during World War II. It deals with her suffering, the struggle for survival, as well as the senseless deaths of her family and fellow prisoners. It also depicts the period of loss and grief she experienced when she returned home alive after the War.

This is the second book in Magda Herzberger's Holocaust trilogy. The first book is Survival, Magda's autobiography of her life as a child and her experiences at Auschwitz, Bremen, Bergen-Belsen, three of the most infamous of the Nazi death camps. The third book, is Tales of the Magic Forest a children's book that reflects the lessons and messages that Magda learned through her experiences at the hands of the Nazi's. Through them all, her faith and courage shine brightly.



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