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After a mysterious first two years of life, Bonham found himself high heartworm positive and on death row in the San Marcos, Texas Animal Shelter. The generosity of the Austin German Shepherd Rescue Society made it possible for Marnie and her family to adopt Bonham and nurse him back to health through his treatment for heartworms. Bonham now enjoys long walks, long naps, big meals, protecting his yard, herding the cats, wrestling with Harper, and spending quality time with his family, both two- and four-legged.

All things are possible with determination and the support of those around you. Thank YOU for buying this book, as you just helped save a life. Marnie would also like to sincerely thank the Austin German Shepherd Rescue Society for the generous assistance and their anonymous donor. Godspeed to the animal shelters and nonprofit organizations that do their absolute best to care for the neglected, unwanted, and abused animals of our society.

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