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Thinking Strategically Within Nonprofits

 Michael S. Dore


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For true success, it is critical for companies to think strategically. In simple terms, they must assess: where they are now, where they want to be in the future, how they plan to get there, and who will have to do what by when. In addition, it's critical that they monitor their progress to be sure that things are going as planned.

That is the essence of planning. It is the first of twelve very important questions your company should consider carefully. To help your team with planning, they should first answer the last eleven questions. These pertain to all the key elements underlying your organization's purpose and operations. They will get to the heart of why a plan is needed to meet customer requirements and your own objectives.

This book will introduce and discuss those eleven questions and then rigorously walk you through the sequential and logical steps of a strategic planning process. It will guide your company in how to think strategically in all aspects of the work you are doing for your customers or clients. It will show you how to use that thinking in developing and implementing a meaningful and dynamic plan for achieving all your objectives.

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