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We the People

Pamela Ackerson

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all play a role in We the People, Pamela Ackerson's second novel of her time-travel trilogy. The first novel in the trilogy, Home of the Braves, tells the story of Karen Anderson, a modern-day surgeon, who discovers that the antique bed she purchased has the power to transport her into the past where she finds herself in the midst of the Indian Wars ... falling in love with the Indian warrior, Standing Deer. Now it's time for her son, Matthew (Gentle Raccoon), to discover what destiny the bed has in store for him. Matthew also finds love, in the arms of the beautiful, but young, Devry; a love forbidden by his mother. In the meantime, someone is murdering the men of the local men's' club ...

What readers are saying about Home of the Braves:

"In this work we are given morsels of history, suspense, romance, and the supernatural. It is a love story like none other; one that transcends time and space and stirs within us the unquenchable hope for a better tomorrow. If we could travel in the past, could we make things better for the future or would we dare to tamper with history? A top of the notch read! Highly recommended."

Shirley P. Johnson (Published Author)

"This novel will make you feel as if you are actually experiencing the past events. ... this is a MUST READ by ALL. To easily, we have forgotten the anguish of the past. ... brings back to life events that should be remembered and felt wholeheartedly by all Americans today."

Michelle Bogle

"This book was such a pleasure to read. It mixes suspense, thriller, fantasy, and romance all in one. Once you start reading ... you CAN'T put it down. I hope there will be a sequel."

Cynthia Stimson

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