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All's Quiet on the Tennessee River
A new journey with the lovable and manipulative Sarah

Patricia Paris

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Native southerner Patricia Paris weaves a colorful pattern of storylines and characters into All's Quiet on the Tennessee River. The author of the frolicking, The Spiritual Side of Sarah, and the poignant Connections uses her uncanny ability to peek between the sheets, and her attention to nostalgic detail, to give her readers a glimpse inside the heart and soul of Sarah as she seeks penance and true spirituality.  Set in the foothills of the 1960s-70s Great Smoky Mountains ...  this time ... the religious fanatic and mistress of hypocrisy gets a few surprises of her own.

Paris delivers her unique style once again in All's Quiet on the Tennessee River.

Paris' unique, tongue-in-cheek style is ever present in her weekly, southern-style column, Patricia's Porch Talk, (search Google), published in various newspapers across the country and reprinted in two online writers' magazines.

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