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You Can't Fall off the Floor
Walking Out of Paralysis

Ralph M. Smith, ThD



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Overcoming Guillian-Barre Syndrome

Guillian-Barre Syndrome is a mysterious devastating illness that put Ralph Smith in the hospital for 13 months, fighting for his life and his sanity. During 6 of those months he survived on a respirator, totally paralyzed, able only to open and close his eyes. His heart stopped beating and he, technically, died 3 times, only to be resuscitated by competent physicians.

You Can't Fall off the Floor recounts his mental and physical struggles in Neurological Critical Care (NCC). Beyond NCC, Dr. Smith patiently and progressively endured 7 months in St. David's Rehabilitation Hospital, relearning how to move and use his arms and legs. You will laugh with him as he is dropped by a therapist and cry with him as he takes his first step, learns to feed himself, and eventually returns to normal life.

Following his dismissal from the hospital he relearns how to walk, drive a care, open a door, and, finally, he becomes able to take complete care of himself. The book will be encouraging to anyone suffering from a catastrophic illness or injury, especially those now experiencing the challenges of paralysis. It will also give insights to family members of those afflicted and underscores the caregiver's challenges.

The reader will no doubt laugh at the many humorous happenings, be touched by the pain endured, and find inspiration and encouragement in the results that can be attained through faith and perseverance. Throughout the book, Dr. Smith recounts his belief that whatever the situation; things will get better.

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