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The Courage to Lead
An Essential Guide for Volunteer Leaders, Board Trustees, and Public Servants

Robert A. Floyd


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Authentic Leadership is the skill most needed in the majority of boards of directors of nonprofit organizations, trade associations, religious organizations, and churches, school boards, and other organizations where board members serve in a non-paid position.

The Courage to Lead is a hands on, practical leadership guide for thousands of dedicated individuals who have been selected, elected, or have otherwise volunteered their time to serve on a non-corporate board of directors.

As this guide is being written, Americans are waiting for the next shoe to drop on what has been a time of corporate, governmental, nonprofit, and religious scandals. These events have revealed incredible lapses of judgment, leadership at its worst, and even criminal behavior in several respected institutions.

Constituents, members, and donors expect their leaders to be accountable. To be selected or elected to a board of directors is a high honor. As "trustees," the board is both servant to and leader of the membership, community, or constituency. While Boards must collectively work together to achieve organizational goals and objectives, it is the individual member's responsibility to continually increase his or her personal leadership capacity.

It is the author's intent to provide those who have unselfishly donated their time to causes they believe in with ideas and principles that can help them become more effective servant leaders.

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