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Roger Plunk

Amercia's Highest Destiny

Roger Plunk was born in England, in an American Air Force hospital. Rogerís first love was philosophy, which he studied as an under-graduate. After college he spent time as a sculptor, doing bronze figures. During a trip to India, he was stirred by the poverty and suffering of the developing world.

Upon returning to America, he went to law school at Florida State University, and then completed an advanced law degree in international and comparative law at George Washington University.

After a short stay at the U.S. Department of State, Roger went to India by invitation of the Dalai Lamaís administration, to advise them in the drafting of a constitution for an autonomous Tibet. He later became involved in mediation attempts between the Chinese and the Tibetans.

As an international mediator, Roger also worked on the political conflicts in Burma, Kashmir, and Afghanistan. His first book, The Wandering Peacemaker, is about his experiences during this work, interlaced by philosophical reflections. Americaís Highest Destiny is his second book. He has recently formed Peace Initiatives to fund his pro bono mediation work.

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