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Our Winter Offerings

Special Prices for Defending Trump - The Case for Voting Republican and
Maharishi & Conservative Thought

Featured Author: Magda Herzberger
Humanity's Future:Brad Fregger's three-book series on humanity's future, the problems and potentials.
Excellent Movie Potential: Five books that would make fantastic movies ... they are also a great read!

Special Election Price

In support of the election and the importance of clarifying Conservative principles we are offering these two PDF ebooks at a very special price.

Defending Trump: The Case for Voting Republican

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Defending Trump: The Case for Voting Republican

For $1.98 (regular price $3.99)

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Maharishiesh Yogi & Conservative Thought

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arishi Mahesh Yogi & Conservative thought

For $1.99 (regular price $2.99)

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Featured Author for Your Winter Reading

Magda Herzberger

Magda is one of three of our authors who survived genocide and lived to tell their stories (the other two are, Dr. Mrinal K. Debnath and Lili Chuwis Thau). Magda was a young teenage girl when she, with her dad and uncle, found themselves in a boxcar on the way to Auschwitz. She survived because of her intelligence, physical strength, faith in God, and a healthy share of good luck (the other two survived for the very same reasons). The books below all come from her experiences in three nazi death camps: Auschwitz,  Bremen, and Bergen-Belsen. Here's what one expert had to day about Magda's book, Survival.

"Magda Herzberger is an extraordinary woman whose eloquent testimony in her book "Survival" to her ordeal as a victim and witness to the holocaust has captured the hearts and minds of so many. I truly believe that what she is accomplishing today through her writing and speaking will allow people for generations to come to understand the nature of the cruelty that she and so many others endured, as well as the critical need for forgiveness, faith, and hope in our lives."

--James P. Moore Jr., Professor at Georgetown University
and former Assistant Secretary of Commerce

Survival: The story of her life from her birth, to her survival, and being reunited with her mother.
The Transcipt of Magda Herzberger's Interview by the Wisconsin Historical Society: A personal reflection of her life from birth, through to her and Eugene's successful life in America.
Surviving Hard Times: Lessons on how to survive and florish after devastating events in our personal lives. By the woman who survived events beyond any of our understandings.
The Waltz of the Shadows: The Waltz of the Shadows is an autobiography in the form of poetry and musical compositions. It relates, in verse, the experiences the author underwent as a young girl held captive in several German concentration camps during World War II.

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Humanity's Future
Brad Fregger

This is a three book series that explores issues directly relating to the future of our civilization, to the survival of the human race. Essentially, these books are the result of years of research, observation, and inspiration on how we can be assured that humanity will survive and reach its ultimate potential. These books are a must read for anyone who is concerned about the future, both near term and beyond.

Sky Is Falling Theories, With a Focus on Anthropogenic Global Warming: Book One: Discusses the multiple Sky Is Falling theories, their inception and their ultimate failure. The focus is on anthropogenic global warmiing (AGW), an hypothesis that had a reasonable beginning but has since morphed into the biggest fraud in the history of the human race.
Society's Image of the Future and Socioseconomic Health, We Create Our Reality: Book Two: Based on Brad's Master's Thesis, The Influence of Images of the Future on Current Socioeconomic Health, this book presents the thesis that a powerful, positive, image of the future is the driving force for a exceptionally, successful society. And, that negative images freeze societies and leave them vulnerable to situations that appear to be out of their control.
Venturing Beyond Earth, The Need for Exo-Terra Sustainable Cultures: Book Three: A strong case is presented that the human race is probably the only intelligent, technological species in the Milky Way Galaxy and one of the rare intelligent species in the entire universe. In addition, currently we are isolated on a single planet (we have all of our eggs in one basket) that has experienced numerous extinction level events in the past and will experience more in the future. It is essential that we protect this gift of intelligence and the only way of assuring our survival is to become a spacefaring race. This will not happen until we learn how to form successful sustainable cultures, a goal that we have currently been unable to achieve.

Added Special: A free presentation version is available in PowerPoint: Click Here.

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Excellent Movie Potential

These titles are perfect movie material. They have
everything the movie fanatic looks for.

True History

One of the finest memoirs of the holocaust written by a young woman who survived horrors beyond understanding, From her idyllic childhood to the Nazi death camps, she survives. This book is a must read.

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True History

The true story of a young boy who survives a Muslim genocide and the harsh treatment of  India's Hindus. Ultimately he find his life's purpose, fame, and eternal love; a story you will remember.

More Info

Crime Novel

Written by a famous trial lawyer, This novel turns the world upside down as you find yourself rooting for a man you should hate, a man you should want to fail. Lucas, a maverick lawyer, frames a despicable man for murder. 

More Info

Sci-Fi Novel

This compelling read is the first scifi novel by a brilliant young writer. I say this as a critic not as his grandfather. Gabriel's Watch is the first of what will be a classic sci-fi trilogy. This book tells the story of apocalypse. Check the reviews.

More Info

True History

Lili is just 15 years old when her entire family is murdered by the Nazis. She was forced to remain "hidden", in plain sight; in villages and towns where they would not know she was a Jew. She survived through luck and persistence.

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