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Two Women ... Many Choices

Ferne Strauss


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Two women, Marina and her mother-in-law, Margaret, face critical changes in their comfortable lives. The story begins in court during Marina’s divorce and follows both women. Margaret’s life of privilege is shattered by the revelation of the notorious bisexual lifestyle of her wealthy husband, William Warner. Marina’s life and the lives of her children are similarly devastated by her husband Bobby’s drug use and his association with drug criminals. Margaret’s divorce frees her to join Peace Corps and go to Malaysia, where she falls in love with the tropical scenery and with a Peace Corps official.

Marina and her children face dangers of stalking, burglary, fire, and kidnapping from a Mexican drug cartel. To ensure their safety, Marina’s attorney Reggie sends the family to Jackson Hole, WY, where his sister lives. There Reggie and Marina become aware of their love and share a night of passion. The murder of Bobby brings both Marina and Margaret back home, where they find William terminally ill with AIDS and discover that Warner Industries is in need of leadership, which they provide. The discovery of a small key provides the solution to the question that baffled them throughout the story. The book ends with both women pursuing independent lives but not closing irrevocably the possibility of a future with the men they love.


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