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This is a subject list of all the books that have been published by F&F Publishing, Groundbreaking Press, and 1st World Library. F&F Publishing and 1st World Library are wholly-owned divisions of Groundbreaking Press, Fairfield, Iowa

Most of our books are sold on line through numerous booksellers. We have placed a link to Amazon in each book available for purchase. You make your purchase by clicking the link to Amazon at the bottom of the book's web page. Feel free to purchase elsewhere, if you prefer to purchase from another source, for example: Barnes & Nobel or Powell's Bookstore in Portland, Oregon (Brad's favorite bookstore).

If the book is not available through Amazon.com, you will need to purchase it directly from Groundbreaking Press. On the book's web page, you will find a link to make purchasing arrangements.

If you are the member of an organization or company and are interested in purchasing multiple copies of any of our books at a discount, please call Brad Fregger at 512-657-8780, or, send an email to: brad@groundbreaking.com. Booksellers can purchase our books through Ingram. However, it should be noted, if the book is not available through Amazon, it will not be available through Ingram. If you run into a problem, please give us a call.

Autobiography/Memoir Human Relations
Business/Management Military
Children's Literature Personal Growth
Creativity Philosophy, Religion
Economics Poetry
Fiction, Fantasy Politics
Fiction, Future Publishing
Fiction, General Screenplay
Fiction, Historical Technology
Fiction, Military U.S. History
Fiction, Thriller World History

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