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Magda Herzberger was born and raised in the city of Cluj, Romania.  She is a poet, lecturer, composer, and the author of five previously published books: the first edition of The Waltz of the Shadows, Eyewitness to Holocaust, Will You Still Love Me?, Songs of Life, and her most recent work, Survival, the compelling autobiography of Magda’s early life in Romania and her suffering at the hands of the Nazis.

Magda was a marathon runner, skier, and mountain climber. She and her husband, Dr. Eugene Herzberger, a retired neurosurgeon, reside in Fountain Hills, Arizona. They have a daughter Monica, a son Henry, and two grandchildren.

Magda’s primary goals are to instill love for poetry in the hearts of people through her work, to keep the memory of the Holocaust alive, and to show the beauty of life through her writings and music. Her philosophy of life: Have faith, hope, and love in your heart—believe in impossible dreams and make them come true—cherish each moment of life—and never take anything for granted.

1st World Library, an imprint of Groundbreaking Press, is publisher of Devotional Poetry, Survival, If You Truly Love Me, her first children’s book, Tales of the Magic Forest, and her most recent book Dreamworld, and also publishes the Second Edition of The Waltz of the Shadows, .

Survival is her "Magnum Opus."

Magda is a wonderful speaker, having provided riveting presentations to groups in Arizona, Colorado, and California. In addition, she has made over 100 presentations to schools throughout the Phoenix area, often speaking to groups of 500 or more; for a total of over 10,000 students in the past three years.

What is unusual, is that throughout the presentations, which can last up to two hours, there is complete silence. Teacher's are amazed at the focus all of the students have during her talks, and then additionally amazed when they stand and cheer when she is finished. Finally, students of all ages and races stand in line to give Magda a hug; a truly remarkable sight.

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