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Why Did This Happen to Me Again?
A Guide to Lasting Transformation

Dr. Janette Marie Freeman


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Do you wonder why your efforts at personal transformation donít seem to last?

Do you get excited about some new idea, but after awhile you slip right back into your old patterns?

Does it all seem like just too much work?

There are two paths we can take in life.  We either decide to grow consciously or endure the slow and painful process.  Growing and awakening quickly requires that we take responsibility for our lives and the part we play in them. We learn, we grow, we choose again.  The slow and more painful path is going through life asleep, wondering, ďWhy did that happen to me again?Ē

Janette Freeman invites you to think of your belief systems as the brick and mortar of your life.  Are they strong and supportive, or are they weak and degrading?  Which do you want to keep and which do you want to let go of?  Until we have a lasting change in our internal belief systems, we seldom see lasting change in our lives.  Why settle for misery when you can be happy?

In order to have lasting transformation you must experience a change of beliefs at a deep level.  Itís not as important to know where you got your beliefs, as it is that you establish new ones.  You establish new beliefs by being exposed to and accepting new ones repetitively.  This does not happen with one or two affirmations.  It happens when you  repetitively outweigh your limiting beliefs with positive beliefs.

Repetition is a powerful and effective way to change your beliefs, thereby changing your experience. Lasting transformation is very difficult without repetition. Never underestimate the power of repetition.

Aligning with positive and enlightening ideas doesnít happen in your life without conscious choice and a decision to repeatedly expose yourself to it.  The world around you can be very negative, fearful, and steeped in limited ideas.   The media is louder and more influential than it has ever been before.  Letís face it, unless one consciously chooses to repetitively imprint oneself with positive ideas and align repetitively with the Universal Wisdom that is available, they simply end up living in fear, doubt and limitation.  That does not have to be your reality!  That does not have to be your life!

Repetition is not just about repeating affirmations until your blue in the face, itís about aligning with Divine Intelligence consistently and repetitively to assist in the awakening process.  This Divine Intelligence, which is a part of who you are, is calling you to awaken to It.  In order to experience this, you must break the spell of the illusion.  Repetition is the key to this process.   You canít lose when you apply these principles consistently.  Why not try?  A rewarding life awaits you.

Fast, easy and effective techniques for real and lasting transformation.
  • Learn how the proven secrets of sleep repetition can reprogram your  subconscious mind for success and happiness.
  • See how a 14 hour commitment can change your life See how the 7 core beliefs of joyful, purposeful people can be yours.
  • Go from scared and intimidated to confident and self-assured.
  • Learn the secrets to happier and peaceful living.
  • Learn how to program your children for confidence and success easily and effortlessly through sleep repetition.
  • Utilize timeless spiritual principles for aligning with the higher creative energies of Infinite Intelligence.
  • Janette's own transformation took her from a scared and lonely single mother of three, to ordained minister, dynamic teacher, and president of a national organization, through the repetitive practice of spiritual principles. Thousands have already benefited from her down-to-earth style and inherent wisdom.

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