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My Young Life Evading the Nazis

A powerful story of survival during the years that the Nazis controlled Poland during World War II. A young jewish girl, whose entire family with the help of a close friend hides from the Nazis and thier supporters in plain site; pretending to be a Polish Christian. She survived because she chose the right people to trust and the right time.

"In desperation and putting myself at his mercy, I whispered just three words, 'I am Jewish.'

"The forbidden words had passed my lips. The same words I had not uttered for ten months, the words which I had tried to suppress from my mind, even when asleep. I was now in his hands. He could do with me absolutely anything. There were tears in my eyes. They were flowing down my cheeks. I sobbed silently."

"There were two persons dwelling in me, Lidka and Lilka; I was composed of two egos. During the day it was Lidka in charge. She was a young, slightly shallow-minded girl. At night it was Lilka who was given reign, the same Lilka, who remembered different times, different people, different morals. I had to be extremely careful to keep the two of them apart in order to prevent them from interfering with each other, as this might bring disaster on my head."

At 15 years old Lili, all alone, separated from the rest of her family, She could not divulge her secret to anybody, capture and then death would be the only outcome. Only luck, perseverance, a quick wit, and the kindness of a few enabled her to survive.

This is a story of survival that you will want to read. It might be hard for some, because, in her experience, the vast majority of the Poles were on the side of the Nazis when it came to the elimination of every Jew in Poland.


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