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Desert Skies II
A Story of "Warriors" in Operation Iraqi Freedom

Michael T. Gregory


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DESERT SKIES II is the continuing saga of Tom Lawton. Tom is a Lieutenant Colonel in the Texas National Guard. Hand-picked to be the Commander of the State’s only reserve attack helicopter squadron, Lieutenant Colonel Lawton is under pressure to have his unit perform in combat by his boss and the active duty officers that he must support in combat. While facing the challenge of command, his home life is causing him an even greater challenge; a challenge that will test his personal demons. If the pressure his bosses put on him doesn’t kill him, perhaps the Iraqi Fedayeen will. Can Lawton lead his Texans in combat, satisfy the desires of his active duty bosses, keep peace at home, and still defeat the Iraqi Forces?

Desert Skies II is the second installment in the DESERT SKIES Series by Mike Gregory, who has written two other books: Desert Skies and Hoopman.



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