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The CEO Handbook
The Pocket Guide for Startup CEOs

Steve Wagh


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From the Introduction to The CEO Handbook.

Today's CEOs are rediscovering basic business principles.

Gone are the recent heydays when entrepreneurs, flush with money from investors, believed their good ideas entitled them to financial windfalls. Gone are those startups built on a house of cards—with no revenue, no profit, high salaries, large amounts of stock cashed out, and the public left holding the bag.

Startup CEOs now realize the secret of success lies in the time-tested methods of the past, where hard work and high standards are valued, and companies support customers and reward employees. Expectations are more realistic, and practical advice is valued. Why? Simply because it makes sense.

Years of experience have taught me there's no better approach to building a business than using those proven methods. They rely on street sense, not book sense. Common sense, not nonsense. I've been teaching these basics to hundreds of men and women who have the guts to start companies and the drive to succeed.

The CEO Handbook is a pocket guide containing my direct answers to their most frequently asked questions.It offers step-by-step advice and includes anecdotes from my personal experiences to help you avoid some of the same mistakes made by others.

It's a lesson in leading.It's a lesson in life—for startup CEOs who are open to suggestions and searching for ways to turn their dream of success into a reality.

The CEO Handbook is only available from the author. If you would like to purchase one or more copies, please contact Steve Wagh at: wagh@aol.com.

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