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Get Things Done
Ten Secrets of Creating and Leading Exceptional Teams

Brad Fregger


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Note: Get Things Done was Brad's first book on organizational leadership. In January of 2009 he published his major work in this area, Get Out of the Way! You'll never manage your way to great leadership. In our opinion, Get Out of the Way! is the seminal work on organizational leadership.
From the evidence presented, Brad may be one of the world's top experts in how to get things done, especially within the small team environment. In this book he shares how he has been successful by presenting ten of his most important secrets for creating and leading exceptional teams. As Brad says, "You only get difficult things done through the efforts of the exceptional team."

Brad describes himself as a maverick, a practitioner scholar, who has acquired his knowledge and developed his skills through "hands on" experience. There's no doubt that Get Things Done contains concepts never before presented in any book on leadership and team building. He's not afraid to challenge the "current wisdom" of the leadership community. Here's some examples of just how he does that:
  • It isn't possible for management to recognize leaders in their midst ... they speak different languages.
  • Telling your team not to make any assumptions, "Don't assume," is the height of management ignorance.
  • Leaders embrace the unexpected, welcome surprises.

    If you're tired of "same old, same old" leadership writing, you won't be disappointed with Get Things Done.

    "Any manager looking to increase productivity, loyalty, and success rate needs to open Brad's book. His guidance and methodologies have been a significant factor in not only my personal success but more importantly in the success of the teams I have led."
    Stephen Balkum, Vice President of Technology

    Brad offers a limited number of talks, seminars, and workshops based on Get Things Done, information on scheduling him to appear before your organization can be found at his "Speaker, author, ... " web site.

    Brad has written five other books,
    LUCKY THAT WAY - Stories of Seizing the Moment While Creating the Games Millions Play, ONE SHOVEL FULL - Telling Stories to Change Beliefs, Attitudes, and Perceptions, WHY PUBLISH? - Making the Right Choices for Your Book, MY THINKING CAP - Solutions for Global Crisis, GET OUT OF THE WAY! - You'll never manage your way to great leadership, and WHY DOES ANYBODY BELIEVE IN GOD? - An Essay on Creation.
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