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Lucky That Way
Seizing the Moment While Creating the Games Millions Play

Brad Fregger


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Ever wonder how computer games get developed? How computer solitaire was born? How things get done in the consumer software industry?

Lucky That Way by Brad Fregger is a rare, inside look at the stories behind the creation of some of the most successful computer games in the world. It's a book about seizing the moment; about coincidence, serendipity and miracles. It's about people, their initial failures and their ultimate successes. Companies may fall and products may fail, but the individuals these stories are about ultimately find their personal truths and go on to succeed in the best possible way, as effective, confident, contributing human beings.

It's also about creativity, about how the human spirit given a respite from the drudgery of finding food and shelter, will find a way to create. If our creations are seen and appreciated by a few others, we receive a great blessing. If they're seen and appreciated by millions, we receive a bonus that is almost beyond belief.

Lucky That Way speaks directly to the fast pace and ever changing environment of modern American business. Brad's easy to read, conversational style, plus his humorous, sometimes unbelievable "interludes" add a flavor to the book that puts it into the same category as "Surely You Must be Joking," Mr. Feynman and other successful "life story" books that have been well received by the reading public over the years.

This deeply personal memoir deals with some of the more interesting times Brad experienced while creating the training organization at Atari during the time the company went from 300 million to two billion in annual sales. Then he shares how it all ended, how the fastest growing company in history crashed and brought the video game industry down.

Brad leaves Atari and training to begin a new career as a producer. These are the early years in this industry and they are highly creative ones. Nobody knows its limits. Brad takes advantage of the situation and leads the development of many new and wonderful products.

Brad's stories of this time speak to us all, including the "World's Greatest Easter Egg" and "I Loved the Movie, Let's Do the Game!." We meet Brodie Lockard, a programmer with the same physical handicap as Chris Reeves, who refused to accept defeat and developed Shanghai, one of the most successful computer games of all time. Learn how computer card solitaire was created and became the most played computer game in the world. And learn of many other wonderful products, not as well known, that brought joy and entertainment to the lucky few who discovered them.

You will learn how to seize the moment; how to practice spontaneity, take advantage of synchronicity and serendipity; and how to make the creative spirit a way of life, not something you turn on when you have a problem to solve. When you remain open to new and unexpected developments, you find you can get the most difficult things done and accomplish the seemingly impossible in your business and your personal life.

Brad's openness when he talks about his own mistakes, the challenges he must overcome, and the courage he exhibits as he starts over, again and again, is thought provoking and inspirational in its own way. In the end we find out just how lucky Brad is and discover that we, too, can be Lucky That Way.


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