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Why Publish?
Making the Right Choices
for Your Book

Brad Fregger


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"Why Publish? is a very candid assessment of the publishing industry.  Brad fills a significant niche in the scheme of book publishing.  For many authors, Brad's solution is the best way."

Tom Borders, Founder of Borders Bookstore

n"Why Publish? discusses the current state of book publishing and print-on-demand (POD) in a clear and informative way. In addition, Brad's solution, which delivers a high-quality product through an author-funded process, is one that many writers should seriously consider."

Gary Hoover, Founder of BookStop and Hoover's Online

With the advent of digital technology in the book-publishing industry it has become possible for anyone to publish. The question is, "Should you?"

This is a difficult question, especially for the thousands of writers who have not been able to publish through the traditional channels. The whole question of self-publishing is a difficult one to answer. Some say it's an acceptable, effective way to get your story/message, others say it's an unacceptable solution ... who's right? And, under what conditions?

Then there's the whole question of POD (Print-On-Demand publishing). Some say it's the wave of the future, others that it's a method of publishing that no serious author would ever get involved with. Again, who's right?

With all of this conflicting information, significant chances of failure, of wasting one's time and money, there's little doubt why confusion exists.

Brad Fregger, President of Groundbreaking Press an author-services book publishing company, deals with this confusion on a daily basis and has written this book to help make sense of what's going on. It was his own frustration with the process, as well as his passion for the new technologies and their impact, that caused him to found Groundbreaking Press, and now, write this book. He takes the confusion out of the process and provides the information you need to make the right decisions for your book.

If you're an aspiring author, or know somebody who is, this book is a must read. The knowledge, information, and insight Brad shares is difficult to find anyplace else and is essential to making the right publishing decisions for your book.

"There's nothing like it. There's been twice in my life, when my baby son was born 18 years ago and when this book was finished. It really gave me such fulfillment, because my Dad read it and now my son's read it and now my life's complete."

Tim Russert, author of Big Russ & Me
Interviewed on "The Daily Show" with Jon Stewart
May 11, 2004



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