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7 Steps to Exceptional Customer Care
It Always Starts with You


Dominique Ntirushwa

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The Angels of the Company

From my experience in customer care, I have realized that the ability for any organization to be able to offer exceptional customer service will always start with the individual offering the service. Companies can invest heavily in many other things that are necessary to offer exceptional customer service, but just one individual can make that service lose all its value, just as they can also do much to enhance it.

One of the greatest CEOs I have known, Mr. Khaled Mikkawi, the CEO of MTN Rwanda, once told me and the team I was working with, we were the angels of the company.

“You, the Customer Care Department, are the most important people in the company”, he said, “Technology departments can work for months to have the networks available to acquire new subscribers, sales and marketing departments will work day and night to acquire new subscribers, human resources will invest a lot in training and development to equip the staff adequately to be able to acquire new subscribers and grow the base; but it only takes seconds for the customer-care team to lose the company customer after customer. Just a few words, a look, a reaction, the smallest thing, and the company can lose the hard work from weeks, months, and even years!”

This book is based on my personal experience in customer care over the last three years, during which time I won over seven awards in customer service by 21 years of age.

As I share my experiences, this book will take you through a 7-step journey that I used to achieve what I have been able to accomplish. With practice you’ll be able to attain another level of customer satisfaction. You’ll be able to delight just about any customer you come in contact with.

Following these 7 steps has enabled me to exceed every customer’s definition of exceptional customer service. I developed these 7 steps as I came to understand everything depended on me, that everything would have to start with me. As I considered this, I realized this process would also enable many others to offer exceptional customer service.

 I trust that my journey will help you think of exceptional customer service from an individual’s point of view. That is, your journey starts by looking at yourself.

The first and most important thing I have learned about the level of customer service (poor, acceptable, or exceptional) always starts with you. No matter the circumstances, it will always start with YOU

One very interesting thing about this book is that as we walk through the 7 steps, you will have the opportunity to develop your personal definition and move through the steps using your own definitions, analyzing them, developing and redefining them.

Thank you for deciding to read this book and I hope you will enjoy every step of the walk, and that it will impact your life in every way customer service is involved.


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