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Brad Fregger, futurist, businessman, author, professor, international speaker, publisher, father, grandfather, and great grandfather, shares his solutions for many of the world's global crises.

"I haven't seen many reasonable solutions coming from those in charge, it's time the rest of us let them know what we think. The world my great grandchild will inherit depends on the decisions we make (or refuse to make) today."

I fear the future, fear my children's world,
the outcome of the massive changes taking
place in our country.

My imagination runs wild with visions of the
breakdown of society,
millions dead and dying,|
cities empty and decaying,
our way of life gone for centuries.

The future like a steamroller
rushes madly downhill
no one at the controls.

Doubt and fear of things to come
still haunt me …

As I move forward into the unknown,
Hope beckons.

                                             Brad Fregger

"The future of our society is dependent on our hopes, expectations, and images of it. ... We can increase the possibility of a more positive future by developing and nurturing positive visions and  images of it."

My Thinking Cap - Chapter 1

"It is critical to understand that we are in the middle of an economic world war. And, in this instance, the competition is not interested in compromise; they are out to get us and will celebrate in the streets if they are able to make it happen."

My Thinking Cap - Chapter 3

"The idea that the United States is somehow not living up to its heritage of welcoming immigrants is very wrong; the United States is, in fact, continuing to be the most welcoming nation in the world. ... accepting almost as many immigrants as the rest of the world combined."

My Thinking Cap - Chapter 5

"... the United States can solve the major issues—the registration and border problem—in one 30-day period. In addition, I have proposed basic solutions to other issues regarding undocumented immigrants. I believe these solutions would be acceptable to the majority of U.S. citizens."

My Thinking Cap - Chapter 5

"I don’t see much wisdom coming from our “leaders.” In fact, I often see a total lack of wisdom in regard to some critical issues. ... I am very confident that we have some exceptional individuals serving us in Congress and throughout the government, but as a group … let’s just say … they leave a lot to be desired."

My Thinking Cap - Preface

This is a taste of what My THINKING CAP - Solutions for Global Crisis is all about. If you're concerned about any of these issues ... this is a book you'll want read.

Brad's style of writing is entertaining and conversational, "I'll never win a Pulitzer, but there's a real good chance that you'll understand what I'm trying to say."

Brad has written six other books, LUCKY THAT WAY - Stories of Seizing the Moment While Creating the Games Millions Play, GET THINGS DONE - Ten Secrets of Creating and Leading Exceptional Teams, ONE SHOVEL FULL - Telling Stories to Change Beliefs, Attitudes, and Perceptions, WHY PUBLISH? - Making the Right Choices for Your Book, GET OUT OF THE WAY! - You'll never manage your way to great leadership, and WHY DOES ANYBODY BELIEVE IN GOD? - An Essay on Creation.

Climate Change and Sunspots

For those of you who are still concerned about humanity caused global warming, but open to other opinions (minimally affected by the "groupthink" mania that exist throughout the worldwide media), you might want to read the following articles on the subject. In addition I have a link to a web page that shows a global temperature chart (1979-2008) and a list of some of the articles that have been written questioning global warming since 2006.

Sorry to ruin the fun, but an ice age cometh - The Australian, April, 2008

VANISHING SUNSPOTS PRELUDE TO GLOBAL COOLING? - International Climate Science Coalition, February, 2008

The Sunspot Enigma: The Sun is “Dead”—What Does it Mean for Earth? - The Daily Galaxy, June, 2008

Global Temperature Chart (1979 - 2008) and a list of some of the articles published from February 2006 - August 2008 questioning global warming.

Book Contents
Click on the chapters with links for a PDF file of that chapter (there is no charge).

Table of Contents
1 - The Image of the Future
2 - The Power of the Story
3 - A Solution for the Energy Crisis
4 - What’s New about Climate Change?
5 - A Solution for the Immigration Crisis
6 - What is Intelligent Design?
7 - Effective Leadership
8 - The Enlightened Company
9 - Achieving Innovative Environments
10 - Streamlining the Budgeting Process
11 - Eliminating Elitism
12 - Business Ethics in Crisis
13 - Embracing the Unexpected
14 - Our Future in Space
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